HarmonyOS de Huawei recuerda a Fuchsia y está destinado a reemplazar a Android, ¿interesante para otros fabricantes de teléfonos inteligentes?

More harmony with Huawei, but not for smartphones

Huawei's HarmonyOS is reminiscent of Fuchsia and destined to replace Android, interesting for other smartphone makers?

Huawei will bring its HarmonyOS to a host of its own devices, but the most important categories will remain true to previous operating systems.

Huawei is investing heavily in the development of HarmonyOS in China, but the new operating system will not be offered for smartphones yet. But it should not have been in vain, the internal operating system will power almost all other categories of devices in the future. HarmonyOS is now being really pushed to be able to offer a unified platform on a variety of devices. This should also make it easier for Huawei developers to maintain the software.

We stay troy

Huawei’s president for consumer business software is said to have spoken accordingly. HarmonyOS is intended for all devices except smartphones, tablets, and computers / laptops. Which was somehow clear, but was also discussed for a long time. An operating system for smartphones or even computers cannot be put together in just a few months. Especially since the chances of success with Android and iOS are slim.

Hence, HarmonyOS can be expected to be the foundation for smart watches, smart TVs, smart home speakers, and similar devices. Users can benefit from a fast way of working and good product maintenance, also because it is assumed that the software will still become open source and thus gain more influence from third parties.