Más sexo, locura y violencia: ¡probablemente la serie más loca de Netflix tenga una segunda temporada!

More sex, insanity, and violence – probably Netflix’s craziest series gets a second season!

More sex, insanity and violence - probably Netflix's craziest series gets a second season!

With all the buzz surrounding Love, Death & Robots, it’s not too surprising that Netflix’s collection of short films continues. However, there is a big change in the team behind animated sci-fi stories.


No matter how you find “Love, Death & Robots,” one thing’s for sure: Netflix’s crazy and bloody series garnered a lot of attention when it came out in March 2019. And that should have been the reason for the streaming service, three months later. green light for a second season give. A new leader behind the scenes could provide an extra breath of fresh air …

New boss, old concept

“Deadpool” creator Tim Miller and director David Fincher (“Sieben,” “Fight Club”) will once again be on board as executive producers of the second season of “Love, Death & Robots.” This time, however, the lead will be Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who, according to Netflix, will keep an eye on all new episodes as the supervising director. Nelson already has relevant experience in animation, although his previous work has been much more familiar. After all, he directed the previous two “Kung Fu Panda” sequels.

With the strong role of the filmmaker, a clearer thematic thread could possibly be woven between the individual episodes on the second try. That shouldn’t change the basic concept of the series. Once again, various animation studios, directors and artists around the world are going to produce a series of short films for adults. These will once again come from the areas of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and / or comedy and will come in a wide variety of styles, from classic 2D technology to photo-realistic computer animations.

It is not yet known how many short films the second season of “Love, Death & Robots” will include and when it will appear on Netflix.

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