Madre con 11

Mother with 11

For more than two years, Belen’s stepfather abused her over and over again and she could not trust anyone. Now that the crime of pregnancy has become public, she still can’t wait for her mother’s help. The relationship was friendly, the woman said.

Belén only receives help from her grandmother. The grandmother is the girl’s guardian and has filed a complaint, the stepfather is now in preventive detention. But Bethlehem wants to have the baby “Whatever happens”he said on television and added: “I will love this baby. Even if it’s from the man who hurt me a lot. “ Unfortunately, you have no other choice. Abortion is strictly prohibited in the Andean country. Even if women have been victims of violence or if an abortion is considered for medical reasons.

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, praises Belén’s position: “Your words surprised us all. They show depth and maturity “. A heated debate over strict abortion laws has started in the country. The elections are in four months: numerous organizations and politicians have called for the abortion law to be revised. Even if the right to abortion becomes law, for Bethlehem, freedom of choice will be too late.

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