Refranes del Día de la Madre: Los 15 dichos más bellos para el Día de la Madre

Mother’s Day Sayings: The 15 Most Beautiful Sayings for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Sayings: The 15 Most Beautiful Sayings for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day sayings that touch the heart

Every year on the second Sunday in May the time has come: We celebrate Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day proverbs and poems are a popular way to show your mother what she means to you. Mother’s Day sayings are a good way to express your love for your mother, especially for people who would otherwise be difficult to show their feelings.

There are numerous ideas on the internet that are suitable as Mother’s Day sayings. Including many proverbs from different countries, quotes from well-known philosophers or authors. But there are no limits to your own imagination when it comes to expressing maternal love in words.