Reducido: Motorola está descontando los teléfonos inteligentes en un 16 por ciento, a partir de menos de 90 euros

Motorola Edge and Edge + in some new and more detailed pictures

Reduced: Motorola is discounting smartphones by 16 percent, starting at less than € 90

Just a day before the presentation, more information about the Motorola Edge appears, the Edge + also reveals more details in images and videos.

Once again, the well-known Evleaks was able to strike, displaying photos and videos of Motorola’s upcoming Edge smartphones. A day before the presentation, more details emerge, which are promoted in two short videos. For example, the fact that a cascading display with a 90Hz refresh rate will be incorporated into both Android smartphones. 5G is also part of the basic equipment, as are the latest Snapdragon processors (865 on Edge +) and the in-display fingerprint sensor. Stereo speakers ensure correct sound, connector is optional (Edge only).

Motorola attacks the high-end segment again

The Motorola Edge uses a 64 MP camera with ultra wide angle and optical zoom, and Motorola even uses 108 MP in the more powerful Edge +. Visually, the two smartphones can barely be distinguished from each other, which could also be largely the case technically. In any case, these devices are crying out for you to try them out, they are Motorola’s first flagship smartphones after the Z series with Moto Mods.