Motorola, LG y Nokia: 5G y otras características emblemáticas para la clase media más barata

Motorola, LG and Nokia: 5G and other flagship features for the cheapest middle class

5G and other premium features are gradually making their way to cheaper smartphones, which Qualcomm is facilitating with a new chip.

For the mid-range, there will be more flagship features in the future, at least that’s what the latest Qualcomm processor in the Snapdragon series promises. Qualcomm has now introduced the Snapdragon 690, which should basically cover the median price of future Android smartphones. On board are some features in the higher price ranges, including 5G support. Although without the particularly fast mmWave process, most buyers shouldn’t care.

More premium for less money

As stated, there are other high-end features included. For example, the support of displays with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which are now more and more common in new smartphones. Full 4K support is also included, including 10-bit for video recording and support for up to 192 megapixels. Additionally, the Snapdragon 690 features a Qualcomm Kryo 560 CPU, which offers a performance improvement of up to 20 percent compared to its predecessor.

And who is going to install this processor? Some manufacturers have directly immortalized themselves with a statement in the Qualcomm press release. Motorola, Nokia, LG, Sharp and TCL have spoken. Therefore, it is to be expected that these Android manufacturers will soon want to present new devices with this chip.

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