Motorola planea lanzar One Fusion y One Fusion +

Motorola plans to launch One Fusion and One Fusion +

Motorola plans to launch One Fusion and One Fusion +

Motorola plans to continue its One series this year. Now there is a first leak that the first new models will be presented soon.

There should be a few more Android smartphones from Motorola in the coming months, now Evleaks has commented on them and has some more details ready for us. After the Edge smartphones are available this week, which tend to serve the new high-end range, there will also be an expansion of the One series that has been around for years in the second quarter. At least that’s what the insider says, which is often right.

Fusion, that’s what I interpret as “better” devices. The Fusion + probably even better could have different cameras in addition to more memory. At least that’s an assumption on my part based on the experience of the last few years. There are no further details on what should be hidden behind these new names. However, we basically have an average price range of perhaps 400 euros and the corresponding hardware.

Fusion: Will Motorola unite its many One smartphones?

Fusion could mean a fusion of last year’s devices. There were too many One models with different cameras last year, and that wasn’t just confusing for us. Furthermore, it is difficult to recommend a specific smartphone if many similar devices offer only small individual advantages. It would be nice if this ended soon and Motorola’s smartphone portfolio had a better overview.

Picture shows edge + leak