El próximo teléfono inteligente plegable de Motorola se presentará el 9 de septiembre

Motorola Razr: a disaster?

Motorola's next foldable smartphone to be unveiled on September 9

Motorola lands an expensive flop with the Razr, which becomes more and more apparent day by day and from test report to test report.

Motorola has introduced the Razr, a smartphone that can also be called DOA. Dead on arrival. The first foldable from the Lenovo subsidiary not only had disappointing in-house hardware to offer from day one, everything about the foldable screen also turns out to be a tragedy. Some of the early reviews are particularly difficult with the Razr, because it leaves a lot to be desired for everyday use. The Razr lasted a day with colleagues, then the screen caused serious problems.

Motorola fails with the first foldable: it was probably nothing

“The plastic screen is fragile, soft and does not feel secure in the device. The hinge mechanism is a loud, squeaky, whining mess. The phone costs way too much for the mid-range internals, especially when Samsung sells a high-end foldable phone for the same price. The UI for the deck display unnecessarily reinvents the wheel if normal Android had been fine. Motorola’s software is dirtier than the operating system. It is now also out of date and an update is not expected soon. “

If it weren’t just for the fragile hardware, the Razr would have its way with a black eye. But the outdated and slow software, the sometimes quite old hardware inside, the extremely short battery life – all of this is very disappointing. The loosely fitted screen quickly had the trouble with colleagues of registering touch inputs even without using it. A serious defect that really should not have been delivered.

Foldable: Razr breaks too fast – Motorola with a strange excuse