Las películas llegan más rápido a Internet, a través de los canales oficiales.

Movies reach the Internet faster, through official channels.

Movies reach the Internet faster, through official channels.

Those who do not feel like going to the cinema will be able to rent movies more quickly from their sofa on the Internet in the future. The first movie studios are announcing it.

The idea that some movie studios want to bring new motion pictures to the Internet much faster after their release was not well received by movie operators. However, the corona pandemic had reinforced this idea. For a time there were absolutely no open cinemas in many large markets. A major world cinema operator even wanted to block all the films from the studios that bring their films to the Internet the fastest.

Movies: 17 days to get started online

However, Universal and AMC have now reached an agreement. Until now, a common deadline was up to 90 days before movies could be rented and purchased online. This period will now be shortened to 17 days. Theaters would have new movies exclusively for at least three weekends and would continue to benefit greatly from the initial hype.

The agreement between the studio and the cinema operator, however, says that films can only be offered through premium streaming services, which means that they can initially be rented for 17-20 euros. This is now an agreement between two companies in the industry, but similar agreements can be expected for the entire industry in the near future.

Sofa instead of cinema – attractive to many people

For some time now, movie studios have been flirting with faster delivery on the internet. This means that the hype of new movie releases could also appeal to Internet users who, for a wide variety of reasons, don’t like going to theaters. During Corona, the first movies were available directly from streaming services, which was probably well received.

I can also imagine renting some movies at home for 20 euros instead of paying more than 10 euros for a movie ticket. Not all interesting movies are worth going to the movies, but at home you could splurge on multiple people.

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