MTV monta espectáculo de culto "Punk'd" nuevo, pero hay una gran trampa

MTV puts on a cult show "Punk’d" new, but there’s a big catch

MTV puts on a cult show "Punk'd" new, but there's a big catch

“Pimp My Ride”, “Next”, “Celebrity Deathmatch” …: Many MTV shows enjoy cult status and are therefore always reissued. Now we have new episodes of “Punk’d” and “Singled Out”, but with some major changes.


From 2003 to 2007, Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher cheated on all kinds of celebrities on the MTV show “Punk’d.” “Punk’d” was also hugely popular in Germany, a renaissance with the change of famous hosts in 2012 and the new edition of the US broadcaster BET presented three years later by comedians King Bach and DeStorm Power. However, one tries again now. How Variety New episodes of “Punk’d” are reportedly being produced for the upcoming smartphone streaming service Quibi.

Probably without Ashton Kutcher

Even if in Variety-Report not yet on who will guide you through the new “Punk’d” editions probably not an ashton kutcher comeback who co-created the original format himself at the time. After Kutcher was only involved in a limited way in the 2012 revival, he was no longer involved in the BET version at all. We consider that this is highly unlikely to change when the program format boils down again. However, as a small consolation, the pranks should be made even more unusual, especially through the use of augmented reality.

However, the (initially) 20 new episodes of “Punk’d” will no longer be around 20, but only ten minutes. This is mainly due to the new home Quibi, who produced the remake together with MTV Studios. The streaming service launched by DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, which the producer once called “Netflix mobile” It should be filled with short snippets of original content specifically designed for smartphones. In Germany, however, Quibi will likely only be available a year or two after the US launch, planned for early 2020.

“Singled Out” is also reviving

However, Punk’d is not the only MTV format to be revived on Quibi. The dating show “Singled Out,” which is somewhat less well known in this country and aired on MTV from 1995 to 1998 and was moderated by Chris Hardwick and Jenny McCarthy (later: Carmen Electra), is also getting 20 new episodes on the online platform. These should be created regardless of the new edition that has been running on the MTV YouTube channel since 2018.

With the reboots of “Punk’d” and “Singled Out” in a modern setting like Quibi, MTV also wants to reach a new generation of viewers with popular cult formats.

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