Ojos multicolores: un momento colorido

Multicolored eyes: a colorful moment

Multicolored eyes: a colorful moment

wantedthe 08/05/2013 | 16:54

Turquoise sea, green meadows, a blue sky from which the golden yellow sun shines and ensures a lot of serenity. Summer colors that should not only be found in your closet, but also on your eyelids. Dare to do it and create a colorful moment with colored eyes.

Do you also do the same makeup routine every day, without any change in the order and favorite colors? Then it’s time for a little splash of summery color. Sure, the colorful multi-color makeup isn’t for everyday wear, but it’s worth a try.

Baby blue eyes

… Or green, purple, yellow, pink or red. The color palette is huge, after all, and what counts is what you like. Almost every major cosmetic retailer now offers bright colors that make you want a slick color explosion. As a general rule, it is advisable to choose two shades that harmonize well with each other, for example, a deep blue and a turquoise tone, but also green and purple or purple and yellow look beautiful together. However, we advise against using a single shade as it can quickly look very outdated. But before you go crazy, we’ve put together some helpful tips for a successful application.

Don’t be afraid of color

A little tip in advance: if the bright colors seem too intense, you can also try the appropriate pastel shades and slowly feel your way. However, before starting, it is important to cover your eyelid carefully. There are special bases for long-lasting eye makeup, which are best applied with a special eyeshadow brush. And then you can swing the brush.

How to do it

Start with the inner eyelid first and the lightest color you put in the upper and lower corner of the eye. Gently blend the color to the middle of the eyelid, but make sure that the accent of the color stays in the corner of the eye.

Now it’s getting colorful: with a new brush, apply the second color from the center of the lid to the outer lid. Stay with the color only on the eyelid and do not raise the tone to the eyebrows. The area under the browbones should remain color-free or come in very light contact with the fading.

Once this step is completed, all you have to do is blend the two areas with a clean brush to achieve a smooth transition and also create a delicate line of color on the lower eyelid. Now you just need a little mascara and your multicolored makeup is perfect.

If you already have a little practice, you can apply the color gradients from top to bottom instead of left to right, or you can dare to zoom in on three levels of color. But it shouldn’t be more than three colors – after all, you don’t want to look like a parrot.

Colorful eyes and what’s next?

It all depends on your courage. You can also go for a bold, color-coordinated lipstick, but a delicate nude or pink shade is absolutely sufficient for this colorful look. You should also be careful with blush when wearing multi-color makeup. When it comes to the outfit, the colors need to meet there in some way or you should add a bright accent to the black and white fashion trend with bright colored eyes.