"Mustard Hair" es el nuevo color de tendencia para tu cabello

“Mustard Hair” is the new trend color for your hair

"Mustard Hair" is the new trend color for your hair


It’s THE trend on Instagram right now! After Bayblights in pink, “Blonde Roast” and the trending color “Aurora,” “Mustard Hair” is now conquering hair salons and trend bosses.

I have to admit: “Mustard Hair” doesn’t sound that good at first. When I hear mustard, I think more of the sausages at the village festival in my hometown and not the latest hair color trend. For me, as a blonde, all the hair on the back of my neck stands on end when I think of yellow hair. It’s the horror of every hair salon visit! But the trend color has absolutely nothing to do with the “poorly colored blonde” or the unwanted shade of yellow.

“Mustard Hair” is much more of a garish shade of yellow that appears sometimes lighter and sometimes darker depending on the basic hair color. Usually orange is mixed with yellow to create the perfect mustard color. For a slightly fresher look, golden yellow hues are mixed in, which gradually become more and more striking at the tips.

Freshly colored hair also needs special care! These are our favorite products:

Whether it’s light mustard yellow highlights, which are set in the typical balayage color, or the full look, in which mustard yellow is tinted from root to tip, this trend is definitely something for the brave.

I find the most beautiful look with medium length hair, dark blonde or light brown. Plus, a dark focus, dark brows (which create a nice contrast and contour the face), and light beach waves. So the look still begs for attention, but it also takes on a certain naturalness. And the perfect “mustard hair” look is ready, which looks really better than you initially expected.

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Hair Tip: Which Hair Treatment Is Perfect For Your Hair?

Such a good result, of course, requires special skills and, above all, the trained eye of a professional. Otherwise, the hair color can quickly look like an accident or a carnival costume. For perfect “mustard hair”, you should definitely go to the salon! Only he knows which shades of color best suit your type and has experience with the special balayage technique.

What do you think of the new trend color? Would “Mustard Hair” also be something for you or is the color too special for you? We await your opinion in the comments here or on Facebook!

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