Mein Kind hat ein zu kurzes Zungenbändchen - häh?!

“My baby almost drove me crazy, until the doctor recognized this malformation

Mein Kind hat ein zu kurzes Zungenbändchen - häh ?!

Actually, everything should be fine?

Three months after birth, we were all quite exhausted, although I would not have admitted this condition back then. My midwife, who was visiting, clearly recognized how we were suffering: the girl screamed several times for up to an hour a day, and as loud as if she was missing important sustenance. I desperately tried to face it and to solve the enigma of what could be missing because everything was “normal” from my point of view. The pregnancy and delivery went well, they survived the puerperium well, the child drank and slept, everything should be fine… The stress level was significantly higher than with the first child, but that was normal, right? Two children are more exhausting than one.

However, the midwife became concerned when she saw that she could barely bear the screaming. She gave me the number of a known EEH (Emotional First Aid) counselor and asked me to call her.