"La vida de mi hija"-Trailer: ¿Hasta dónde llegarías para salvar a tu hijo?

"My daughter’s life"-Trailer: How far would you go to save your son?

"My daughter's life"-Trailer: How far would you go to save your son?

The trailer for “My Daughter’s Life” challenges our moral values. Wouldn’t we also become criminals to save a loved one from death?

Eight-year-old Jana Faber (Maggie Valentina Salomon) is a happy little sunshine. The girl is already quite enlightened for her age, so in the trailer for “My Daughter’s Life” she even talks openly with her parents about “parking” (because you don’t say “fuck” anymore). She, her father Micha (Christoph Bach) and her mother Natalie (Alwara Höfels) lead a wonderful family life, but then a stroke of fate follows.

This is what “My Daughter’s Life” is all about

Suddenly, Jana feels a burning sensation in her chest and passes out. ER doctors come in and determine cardiac arrest. Unpack the defibrillator and get the girl back to life. The next shock awaits the young family: Jana needs a donor heart, otherwise she could have another seizure and die. But the waiting list for the vital organ is long.

Several months have passed and there is still no rescue in sight. Micha and Natalie get nervous. Do you really want to put your beloved daughter’s fate on the waiting list? There must be other ways to save them, illegally if necessary. While Natalie is still scared of getting a heart through criminal means, Micha decides to take a radical step.

The director and screenwriter Steffen Weinert celebrates his film debut with “La vida de mi hija”. Previously, he had already dealt with the (possible) death of a family member in his TV movie “Finn and the Road to Heaven.” In it, a young man with the mental constitution of a child loses his father and has to accept the new situation. However, this is a comedy, Weinert’s next film takes a much more serious tone.

“The Life of My Daughter” will be released in German theaters on June 6, 2019.

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