Pixel 4: Google distribuye mejoras ocultas

My first 24 hours with Google Pixel 4

Pixel 4: Google distributes hidden improvements

Google shipped its Pixel 4 a bit earlier, so I was able to test the Android smartphone for the first 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday. As the owner of the Pixel 3, my expectations are of course a bit higher, because I didn’t just want to buy a slightly improved successor smartphone for 749 euros. Yet mine is too much […]

Google shipped their Pixel 4 a bit earlier so I was able to test the Android smartphone for the first 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday. As the owner of the Pixel 3, my expectations are of course a bit higher, because I didn’t just want to buy a barely improved successor smartphone for 749 euros. However, I am also aware that I cannot wait for a newly invented wheel. Anyway, I had a very intense first day with the Google Pixel 4 behind my back, it took a bit more of a charge.

Use without touching

Google has integrated a radar chip into the Pixel 4. This enables a new kind of gesture control where you don’t need to touch your smartphone. We can slide our finger to the right or to the left near the smartphone, for example, to switch to the next song in the current music application. It works more or less well on my first few tries, at least not always right away.

In fact, I already use the function actively, that is, to go back 15 seconds in Spotify podcasts if I had not heard or understood something. Super. Mainly. Except the gestures are currently backwards. I have to slide my finger to the right to jump back. How absurd. Swipe gestures also work when the music app is only active in the background.

I’m still a bit skeptical, but at the same time, I’m also quite open to Motion Sense. I think we just have to be patient until there is compatibility with many more Android apps and most of all games. Also, Google has yet to work on precision. Sometimes the gesture is not immediately recognized, but sometimes it is even accidental and therefore unwanted.

Warm screen, new case, small battery

Google is installing a new screen that has barely grown. But faster. Not only is 60 Hz possible, thanks to the smooth display, the FHD + resolution OLED panel automatically switches to a faster 90 Hz if necessary. It works well in the first hours, the battery does not seem to be charged anymore. In any case, a first battery charge lasted almost 24 hours with 3 hours of screen time on, almost exactly like with my Pixel 3. We shouldn’t expect miracles from 2800 mAh.

Battery life will vary, but the verdict on the screen will be less. It’s significantly warmer compared to the Pixel 3’s screen. Even after a day of use, I find the Pixel 4’s screen calibrated a little too hot. During this time, the casing was also found to be completely different due to the matte surfaces. It doesn’t just look different, it feels different too. Warmer, softer.

The fact that the case feels bigger and thicker, but the battery has even shrunk, is disappointing. A bit confusing when comparing the devices directly with each other. By the way, I see the Storm Trooper looking, or panda, clearly ahead. However, he was fed up with the predecessor’s completely white casing.

Conclusion: I’m looking forward to seeing the camera

After such a short time, not much can be said about the camera, but the first impression is that Google was able to make few but visible improvements to the camera. Fascinatingly, Google manages to ensure that the Pixel 3’s purely digital zoom doesn’t offer as much sharpness as the Pixel 4’s actual zoom, but it does offer almost exactly the same color reproduction for comparable images. I find it very positive.

In any case, I look forward to night shots, astrophotography, and of course double exposure control. I’ll write about this in the full review when I’ve spent a little more time with the camera. You can better judge about Face Unlock, which works quite well for me. From time to time I miss the fingerprint sensor because so far only a few apps work with the new Android 10 interface.

P.S: New photos of Google Pixel 4 will be landing here constantly.