Mi vida & amp; amp;  yo

My life & amp; amp; I

My life & amp;  amp;  I

Love, lust and suffering in season three:

The romantic type is Alex(Wolke Hegenbarth) as we do not know. But despite all the resistance, she has to admit that she is in love with Daniel. And kiss someone else! And Alex’s reaction is faster than ever. So scathing that her parents negotiate a deal: When Hendrik and Anke promise to leave their daughter alone, Alex goes to a school psychologist. If that goes well …

Alex, Claudia and Niko are slowly growing up in season four:

But that took a long time: just before his 18th birthday, Alex realizes that life can be fun. As he swaps his dark gray sunglasses for pink ones, his little brother Basti discovers what to do with girls. She doesn’t care which of her two fans she will have her first sex with. Educational work required!

Unfortunately, Claudia has to shed the image of her entire family. Because your parents’ marriage is anything but complete. Claudia’s father is also planning wedding number two. Claudia intervenes, cancels her birthday, and travels to Berlin to give the “new guy” her opinion. Warning, the problem is coming …

You can find out what happened in the first two seasons in the DVD tip: my life and me.