N26 muestra cómo lo hacen los bancos clásicos y muestra toda la información de la tarjeta de crédito en la aplicación

N26 now with ready-to-use digital credit cards

N26 shows how classic banks do it and shows all the credit card information in the app

N26 reacts to the current time and also creates a new option for changing cards, for which there is now the digital credit card.

N26 reacts to the current situation and inserts a digital or virtual credit card. The goal here is to allow new customers to use their N26 account to the fullest right away and not have to wait for a physical card. A virtual card can be stored in the Google virtual wallet immediately, for example, as soon as the customer has been verified. New customers can use a new account very quickly, which is of course particularly attractive. Initially, this virtual card is only used during a transition period and not for permanent use.

“And this is how it all works, it is very simple: as soon as you have opened and verified your N26 account, you can add your new card directly to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. That’s it, you are ready to make mobile payments! But don’t forget to load money into your N26 account first.

However, you cannot make ATM withdrawals yet and you also need your physical bank card for CASH26. But with your N26 card in your wallet, you can spend up to € 200 per day, for up to 30 days. After that, you just have to activate your physical card in the N26 application to continue making mobile payments. “

Card changes can be saved

“Did you just get an update to N26 You or Metal *? Or did you request a replacement card because your N26 card was lost or stolen? Then you can still make mobile payments until your new card arrives. Although it may take a little longer for your Mastercard to arrive in your mailbox due to current circumstances, you can be sure that you can still use your account for mobile payments as usual. “