Arte de uñas: los tatuajes de cutículas están de moda

Nail art: cuticle tattoos are all the rage

Nail art: cuticle tattoos are all the rage

Beauty trend

wantedthe 27/05/2014 | 16:05

Have you heard of cuticle tattoos? No? Then it’s about time. However, before reading any further, since tattoos are out of the question for you anyway, let me tell you in advance: you can avoid visiting the tattoo studio! Ugh, lucky you weren’t? You can find out what the new nail trend is about here and in our image gallery.

If pop star Rihanna wears something on the red carpet or presents a special beauty look, it can be assumed that this trend will be copied the next day. This also happened with modern cuticle tattoos. But of course Rihanna does not do things by halves and does not use the peelable adhesive variant, no, she just quotes the tattoo artist she trusts and thus decides the solution “forever”. The result: ornamental patterns around the cuticle. If that’s too definitive for you, now we’ll show you some great intermediate alternatives.

Cuticle Tattoos – What Is It Anyway?

Still not sure what cuticle tattoos are? Here we explain it to you once and for all: What we mean is the decoration of the fingertips in any way and not on the nail itself, but on the cuticle. Whether with girlish bows, geometric shapes, hearts, star motifs or wild flower motifs, here you can vent according to your mood.

Child’s play: this is how the look works

If you don’t want to go for the final variant like Rihanna, just use specially designed temporary tattoos for this. These stick to the skin like childhood stickers. The ready-made tattoo sheets are available in a Ciaté London set for around € 15. As a first step, select the desired motif and make sure that it also fits your nail size. Now remove the plastic film and put the sticky side directly under the nail. Now the paper is moistened with water, held firmly for about 10 seconds, and then removed to make the motif visible. If you want to get creative yourself, instead of the finished method, you can use a waterproof pen to come up with great motifs that no one else will surely use. Let your creativity run free here. Even the filigree points on the cuticle achieve an unusual effect. For cuticle tattoos, nails can be simply varnished with soft hues or complemented with matching patterns, foils and layers, creating an exciting piece of art.

Extra kick: knuckle rings

If you want to make a better one, you can combine narrow knuckle rings with coordinated cuticle tattoos and painted fingertips. These are also worn only on the top joint of the fingers, directly under the nail, and therefore perfectly match the look.

Discover the nail trend around hip cuticle tattoos in our image gallery and be inspired by our selection. Have fun trying.