Desnudo en YouNow

Naked on YouNow

When he asks if she “Even down without a can” He no longer steps on it and slowly gets dressed again. Fortunately! Later he asks how old he is. 16, she responds, “But in 9 weeks 17”. If that is true or not, you do not know, on some pages you can read in the comments that the girl is only 13 years old. However, the fact is that you can only sign up for YouNow from the age of 13. ErciiTV is no longer registered at all. The 16-year-old’s YouNow channel has already been blocked and his Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages have also been removed.

It is still checking if you will receive an ad But this case proves once again that you shouldn’t undress in front of the webcam, you NEVER know who is watching everything and what the other is doing with the recordings.