Escándalo desnudo sobre Emma Schweiger: esta foto provoca una nueva tormenta de mierda

Naked scandal about Emma Schweiger: this photo causes a new shit storm

Naked scandal about Emma Schweiger: this photo causes a new shit storm

Under a current image there are some haters who also “developer” Y “dirty” Find. “You are 14 years old, embarrassed!”, “Why not even higher …” Y “She is 15 or so years old and she is already stripping.” they are just some comments below the image. To view: Emma Schweiger on a boat and the wind lifts her shirt a little. No more. But apparently that’s enough to call a few enemies to the scene. Also, it is too thin, as some find.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Emma Schweiger has heard such comments. So no wonder sometime enough, post a photo and write: “Let’s clarify one thing. My body. My rules. My Instagram account. My pictures. If you can’t respect that, don’t follow me anymore 🙂 ” As a precaution, you have disabled the comment feature on this post. And haters should take this comment seriously when writing their next post …

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Emma Schweiger: First Naked Scandal Driven Fans Crazy

Really has Emma schweiger She did not think anything when she posted this image on Instagram: the 14-year-old girl is in the bathtub and takes her knees out of the water. You can see part of them bare legs. No more! Meanwhile, the 14-year-old has even erased the harmless image.

The reactions were even more flagrant. “Well it starts off good, then it ends at PlayboyWrites a fan. OR:”Isn’t that too revealing?“- He rages for several days Shit storm why bare knee already. Now was Pope Til Schweiger too stupid and made a comment. “I would put it this way: People who are bothered by having two knees in the bathtub should listen to themselves to see what kind of problem they really have and if they are not the people they are bothered by. So that’s very false “, said the actor and director at the film premiere of “Conni and Co. 2”.

Mama Dana doesn’t understand the world either. She controls what Emma publishes and has no objection to this. Bathtub photo he found. “I honestly can’t understand that.“However, Emma will be very careful in the near future, what photos she posts. Such a shit storm just isn’t fun. Especially not when you are 14 years old!

Where there is fame, there is envy. Movie star Emma Schweiger had to learn this horrible lesson.