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After breast cancer

Pop star Anastacia hasn’t had it easy in recent years – she had to fight cancer twice. They even had both breasts removed and later rebuilt. On Friday, the singer posted a completely stunning nude selfie, behind which is a strong message.

Naked like splinters, without makeup and only with a slight smile, Anastacia looks at the camera of her cell phone in the photo, except for a fine bracelet and stylized nails, everything about her is completely natural. But why is the diva suddenly so revealing? On Twitter, Anastacia offers a detailed explanation of her surprising action. “Sorry to surprise you guys, but I’ll be 48 soon and I’m so proud to be alive and well. I don’t look too bad naked, do I? ”He says with a wink.

For the most part, her fans are impressed with the gritty snapshot. “Great, I’m proud of you” and “You’re very strong” are some of the comments. But then there are some critical voices. In a second Twitter post, Anastacia again explains her motives to these users, spreading a strong message of self-acceptance: “I’m not doing this for the music industry. I did it because I feel great! Now I am more confident. If I was younger, I never would have. “

Self love is important

The nude photo is definitely causing quite a stir in the online community and causing a stir. Anastacia addresses all the fans in a third tweet to give them some important advice that provides an intimate insight into her current selfie. “Many fans tell me that they have a hard time liking themselves. I have also gone through what is inside that is more important “.

What a big and strong woman. Respect, dear Anastacia, for the fact that you stand alone, with little flaws or not.

Image source: Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

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