A Naomi Watts le gustaría tener más hijos

Naomi Watts would like to have more children

Naomi Watts would like to have more children

Child planning

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Naomi Watts couldn’t be happier with her family – she’s been with Liev Schreiber for almost ten years and they have two children, Sasha and Kai. But a great wish still rests on the shoulders of the actress: Naomi Watts would like to have more children.

Naomi Watts actually has everything others only dream of: the 45-year-old looks good, has a successful acting career, has been with her partner for many years, and the pretty blonde also has two healthy children. But the latter is precisely the point.

Naomi Watts would like to expand her family

In a few days Naomi Watts will be 46 years old and that puzzles the “Diana” actress. The mother of two reported to the magazine “Más”: “I should have more children, I should have started earlier.“A few years ago Naomi Watts had already expressed her desire to have more children in several interviews. After two sons Sasha and Kai, the Hollywood star would like to have another daughter. Above all, Naomi Watts found births very inspiring: “I remember births as something great, but I can barely remember the details. I wish I could relive these moments without pain.

Naomi Watts went from being a mother

Naomi Watts loves motherhood more than anything. And even if the time for more family planning turns out to be a bit critical given her age, she now wants to be completely there for her two children. The risky actions that she was very fond of in her youth are no longer an option for today’s actress. So Naomi Watts said “More” in: “I was parachuting. I dived with sharks, went on safari and sat a few feet from the lions. He posed for King Kong on the edge of a skyscraper in New York City. It was secured with rope, but if I had fallen, I would have hung 61 stories! But now that I have children, I no longer want to do such daring things. ” Naomi Watts can safely say that she takes her role as a mother seriously.

Noami Watts is an absolute fan of children. Her wish for more children may not come true, but she gives her all for her two children. That is extremely exemplary on the part of the actress. Who knows if she would have been ready for these sacrifices at a young age ?! Image Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images