Naomie Harris triste y feliz al mismo tiempo

Naomie Harris sad and happy at the same time

Not a bond kiss

Thorsten trederon October 29, 2015 | 12:24

They all want one thing: to kiss ‘James Bond’. All? Well Naomie Harris, aka ‘Miss Moneypenny’, was denied that luck. A fact that does not seem to bother the little British girl too much, as she revealed at the premiere of “Specter” in Berlin.

“Am I sad that I shouldn’t kiss him?” Naomie Harris repeated a reporter’s question from Saturday. “I’m very sad about that,” the 39-year-old replied, but quickly added, “At the same time, I’m also very happy about that.” What? That would make her the first woman not to want a kiss from James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

Naomie Harris is still waiting for your kiss

However, Naomie Harris has a very plausible explanation: “Because that means I’m going to stay alive and make more movies.” As diehard fans of Agent 007 know, the life expectancy of the Bond girls who have kissed him so far is allowed, not exactly high. Most of them don’t usually see the end of the movies. In this case, abstinence from kissing spells bad luck for Naomie Harris.

Hollywood visits Berlin

So the future of ‘Miss Moneypenny’ in the next parts of Bond should be assured. How things will go with Daniel Craig is still hotly debated. But that shouldn’t be on Wednesday night during the premiere of “Specter” in Berlin. Thousands of fans flocked to the Sony Center to catch a glimpse of its stars. And they took a lot of time signing autographs, taking selfies, and talking to the many reporters.

We can hardly wait until the new Bond show “Specter” finally hits German theaters. But the time will come next week. So it doesn’t hurt to mark November 5 on the calendar.

Image Source: Getty Images / Adam Berry