Narciso Rodríguez: colección de moda exclusiva en eBay

Narciso Rodríguez: exclusive fashion collection on eBay

Narciso Rodríguez: exclusive fashion collection on eBay

EBay Collection

wantedthe 24/09/2009 | 16:18

Narciso Rodríguez knows how to convince with his fashion

Good news for all you fashionistas and bargain hunters! Designer Narciso Rodríguez will launch a special eight-part collection in spring 2010. Exclusive fashion will not be available to buy in regular stores, but will instead be offered on eBay.

Under the name of Narciso Rodríguez for eBay Glamorous designer items will be created in the special design Narciso Rodríguez eBay Store Offered. The successful internet marketplace now offers its own fashion line for the first time, making every fashion fan’s heart beat faster. After all, it is rare that you can get luxurious and elegant designer fashion at such a low price. Pricing ranges from $ 75 to $ 350. The collection includes eight designer pieces in a classic, feminine look and comes in trendy red, black and white.

Not only is Ebay excited about the upcoming collaboration, Narciso Rodríguez is also happy. According to his own statements, he can reach an extremely large customer base and delight women of all ages and types with his fashion.

Then hopefully one or the other of us can get hold of one of the exclusive designer pieces on eBay!

Image source: gettyimages