Android: envíe aún más información a los contactos de emergencia

Near Share disappears with the first users: is the launch imminent for all?

Android: send even more information to emergency contacts

Initially Google only made Near Share available to some users on a random selection, now the feature is temporarily disabled again.

Google will soon offer a new feature for all Android smartphones running on at least Android 6 Marshmallow. Near Share is the name of the new tool with which users can share files quickly and conveniently on nearby devices. An initial public testing phase now appears to be drawing to a close, with Near Share disappearing from smartphones for some users.

New feature for Android now available from version 6

The question arises, of course, why Near Share is disappearing again among users who were initially able to test the feature exclusively. We currently assume that this is a positive sign. Google has been collecting feedback and data for the past few weeks, which is now being analyzed to complete the feature.

Users report that the feature does not go away completely. The tile in the quick settings stays there, but it suddenly turns gray and cannot be used. Google has likely thrown a switch by server delivery.

The nearby share was probably only temporarily disabled

Another sign that the nearby share is only temporarily disappearing for early testers and will be back soon. Colleagues are hoping for a final return of function with the provision of Android 11, even if Near Share isn’t tied to this version of Android at all. If you don’t want to wait for Nearby Sharing, you can find very similar functionality in the Google Files app.

Not only Google has a function at the beginning with which we can share files comfortably. Samsung also has something at the beginning, Huawei also and there is even a cooperation between various manufacturers around Xiaomi. A decisive difference from the other solutions is that the Google variant is offered on all devices, regardless of manufacturer.

via Androidpolice