Medición de las arrugas del cuello: ¿qué tan seguro es el resultado?

Neck wrinkle measurement: how safe is the result?

Measurement of neck wrinkles: results

Neck fold measurements are measured in the millimeter range. This means that the exam can only provide clean results if the ultrasound has the highest possible resolution. Therefore, you need to find out in advance whether the device from your gynecologist is certified accordingly. The gynecologist’s experience also plays a decisive role in the reliability of the neck crease measurement results.

The Fetal Medicine Foundation Germany is an association of specialists committed to high-quality examinations. For example, on the website you can find a list of doctors with corresponding additional qualifications.

How safe is the neck crease measurement?

In principle, a neck crease measurement can only determine a statistical risk of a chromosomal disorder in the fetus. This means that the test results are not a diagnosis, but only probabilities. A high value for neck transparency does not necessarily have to be an indication of serious disease. However: “The success rate for determining trisomy 21 from the combination of nuchal transparency and maternal age is 70 to 90 percent. Therefore, the measurement of nuchal transparency is considered the most reliable non-invasive method in prenatal medicine, “write Frank Kainer and Anette Nolden in their guide to pregnancy” The Big Book on Pregnancy.

Therefore, doctors recommend couples with an abnormal finding to have a follow-up exam, such as an amniotic fluid test, in any case. This can confirm or even disprove the first risk assessment.