Neil Patrick Harris: En calzoncillos a los Oscar

Neil Patrick Harris: In Underpants to the Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris: In Underpants to the Oscars

Good vs. Thin rib

wanted02/23/2015 | 11:37

This has never happened at the Oscars before: Host Neil Patrick Harris took the stage at the Dolby Theater last night wearing only thin ribbed panties! Here you can find out what tricks and tricks the fan of declared magic conjured up his sleeve and what lies behind his revealing elevator.

Before his big appearance, the 41-year-old had repeatedly emphasized that Neil Patrick Harris had big plans for the moderation of the Oscars in 2015. Even die-hard fans of the “How I Met Your Mother” joker would not have expected him to mean to a performance in underwear for “something big.” But actually: Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Oscars 2015 dressed in nothing but a clean white “pince-nez egg”.

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Oscars half-naked

However, the father-of-two not only presented this somewhat questionable stage outfit, but also lived, as is typical at the Oscars, various costume changes. But not the elegant black tuxedo in which Neil Patrick Harris inaugurated the 87th Academy Awards together with fellow actress Anna Kendrick, the purple jacket or the blue velvet blazer will be remembered by the public at the Oscars 2015, but its appearance in underwear. with which Neil Patrick Harris alluded to a scene from the four-time Oscar-winning film Birdman, in which lead actor Micheal Keaton wears nothing but boxers in New York’s Times Square.

Neil Patrick Harris: Did your restraint go wrong?

But while Hollywood celebrities rewarded Neil Patrick Harris with numerous laughs, His gags were less well received by viewers and the world press.. Among other things, the 41-year-old carelessly mocked the dress of award winner Dana Perry, who recently dedicated her award tearfully to her son, who had previously committed suicide. When American director Laura Poitras received an award for her Edward Snowden documentary “Citizienfour,” Neil Patrick Harris also commented on it with the words: “Edward Snowden cannot be here for various reasons.” The convicted whistleblower has been living incognito in Russian exile since 2013. But even if one or another joke at this year’s Oscars may have gone wrong, one thing is for sure: Neil Patrick Harris showed complete physical exertion!

Neil Patrick Harris has shown one thing with his ‘slick’ performance in the truest sense of the word at this year’s Oscars: he can laugh not only at others, but especially at himself! We believe Neil Patrick Harris has passed his litmus test and we wouldn’t care if the actor takes the Dolby Theater stage again next year, with or without warm clothes!

Image source: gettyimages / Kevin Winter