Neil Patrick Harris encanta a Sting y Samuel L.Jackson

Neil Patrick Harris loves Sting and Samuel L. Jackson

So sexy!

wantedon 06/12/2014 | 12:52

Neil Patrick Harris received the Tony Award at the weekend for his outstanding performance in the Broadway musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” But the “How I Met Your Mother” star mixed the awards ceremony not just with his winnings: Neil Patrick Harris brought the whole room to a boil with his sexy live performance.

Quick-change artist Neil Patrick Harris was particularly interested in his male colleagues. In his theatrical costume with Long Blonde Wig And Wrapped Short Mini Skirt, the comedy star performed his hit “Sugar Daddy.”

Neil Patrick Harris appeals to the male world of Hollywood

Not just an acting colleague Samuel L. Jackson could expect a hot flirting offense from Neil Patrick HarrisThe actor also paid an extended visit to superstar Sting’s lap during his performance. And one thing is certain once and for all after Neil Patrick Harris’ hot dance moves – no one moves their hips as hot as him!

Neil Patrick Harris kisses his David

While Samuel L. Jackson, Sting, and Kevin Bacon kept their cool in front of Neil Patrick Harris’s hot dance, one man in particular in the audience was quite excited: David Burtka, partner of the actor, no longer kept him in his place. In the middle of the performance, he got up from his seat to kiss his Neil Patrick Harris big. That must be true love!

Was there a bit of jealousy in David Burtka’s kissing offense? After all, he first had to watch his partner give Sting a lap dance in front of the world. But anyone who sees Neil Patrick Harris wet kiss and his David knows for sure: The cards are played here! Watch Neil Patrick Harris perform in this video:

Image Source: gettyimages / Andrew H. Walker, Video Source: YouTube