Nest Wifi: el enrutador WiFi de Google se lanza en Alemania

Nest Wifi: Google’s WiFi router launches in Germany

Nest Wifi: Google's WiFi router launches in Germany

Google brings Nest Wifi to Germany, the successor to Google Wifi combines WLAN with a voice assistant.

Google sells its latest WiFi routers under the Nest brand. Google Wifi became Nest Wifi, with some internal improvements for better coverage. Now you can buy the Mesh WiFi system for your own four walls. The advantage of this structure is the simple structure to be able to distribute the WLAN evenly in several rooms or more.

Voice and WLAN computer in one

The novelty is that an access point also offers access to the Google Assistant thanks to a speaker and a microphone. Optional, logical. Two birds with one stone, if you’re so into the Google universe. We get Nest Wifi from € 139 for an access point. The router costs € 159. € 259 for the basic package consisting of router and access point.

There are similar systems like Deco from TP-Link. If I use it myself, I’m quite excited about it. For home use, the mesh is really great to have a good stable WiFi connection available everywhere.

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