El tráiler del anime de Netflix para Dragon's Dogma hace que algunos fanáticos se sientan infelices

Netflix anime trailer for Dragon’s Dogma makes some fans unhappy

Dragon’s Dogma is considered a little pearl role-playing game, so fans are happy that their game is receiving an anime adaptation from Netflix. However, some fans are not satisfied with the animation style.

Image: Netflix

Dating a month ago Netflix created the anime adaptation of the role-playing game Dragon’s Dogma to. The game has a loyal fan base and sales have been strong. The game got a second release as Dark Arisen as an extended version.

The anime will be released on September 17, 2020 on Netflix. Here is the first trailer:

“Bad CG”

In YouTube comments, users mainly praise and express the game. overall, waiting for the series. Name some iconic phrases from history and hope “They are all masterpieces, you can’t go wrong!” to be able to listen in the series.

However, some users not so happy with the animation style. The CGI aspect is not well received and seems cheap to some. Some anime fans have flashbacks to the new Berserk 2016 edition, with the CGI look, retelling of the popular manga and anime having done themselves a disservice.

However, you can see for yourself on September 17, when Dragon’s Dogma will appear on Netflix.