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Netflix application: finally we can edit the list to continue watching

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Netflix will soon have movies and series released from the watch list directly through its own Android app. For this a new button is integrated.

Finally, there is a much sought after innovation for the Netflix mobile application, because we can edit the continuous viewing list directly within the Android application. There, all the contents are listed in the order we started but did not finish. But this list is also full of content that we may not want to search further.

Delete movies and series so that they cannot be seen anymore

You can already edit this list on the web, but it is also hidden in the settings of our Netflix account. A new feature in the Android app is a menu button in the Continue Reading area directly on the cover images, which we can then use to remove content from this list. This is still an initial test of the innovation, but the first screenshots already exist.

It’s unclear when the innovation will be available to all Netflix users. Probably in the next few weeks.