Como en el pasado: Netflix prueba el canal de televisión con películas y series en un horario

Netflix for Android finally offers a screen lock

As in the past: Netflix tests the television channel with movies and series on a schedule

Netflix seems to listen to user feedback, the latter feature comes with a screen lock for the streaming service’s Android app.

Netflix has added a very nice new feature for Android, the mobile app can now better protect itself against accidental inputs while playing. There is a new screen lock for this, which can be activated at any time while the video is running. It allows us, virtually no matter what we do with the phone during video playback, not to accidentally pause the video, skip to the next episode, or fast-forward.

Netflix prevents accidental inputs on the screen

You can lock the screen for inadvertent input with the push of a button. To unlock, on the other hand, you need the will first, then the second confirmation. In my opinion it is quite intuitive and logical. The innovation has been known since Monday night and since then it seems to be available on all devices. In any case, it was already there for me when I first wanted to try it.

So it looks like this, also with you in the app: