Sorpresa de Netflix: nadie esperaba esta sorpresa de Halloween

Netflix free thanks to advertising? This is what the provider says

Will there be ads on Netflix soon? Andrea Huber, CEO of the broadband and cable association Anga, asked a Netflix representative this week in Berlin. Wolf Osthaus has been responsible for many licensing, lobbying and regulatory issues at Netflix since the fall. But he clearly turned down a free ad-supported Netflix subscription.

“We have no plans in that direction,” Osthaus said at the Anga Symposium. They do not believe that this has advantages for users if Netflix starts a free offer with advertising. “The market for paid offers is just developing,” said the manager. In Germany, services like Netflix have a different starting position than in other countries due to the large market for free TV. There is currently a test to offer Netflix for the equivalent of 3.99 euros.

160 million paying users enable in-house productions

Osthaus sees the willingness to pay for good content. However, the Netflix man also acknowledges that there are also authorizations for ad-funded offers. However, as a user, you may have to make compromises in terms of content.

Netflix also has the advantage that, unlike ProSiebenSat1 with Joyn, for example, it can rely on international in-house productions. Netflix has more than 150 million paying users around the world. This allows the supplier to produce productions other than those of German television stations. “At the same time, however, we do not claim to be the aggregator of all content,” says Osthaus. “If people want to get information and watch the news or live TV, then they should use it. With Netflix we are an additional offer ”, he emphasized.