Como en el pasado: Netflix prueba el canal de televisión con películas y series en un horario

Netflix: How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Gets Its Second Season In July

As in the past: Netflix tests the television channel with movies and series on a schedule

Netflix is ​​launching the next new season of a German series, the streaming service announces the continuation of How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast).

Good news for all fans of German Netflix series, which have always been well received. Following the continuation of the acclaimed Dark series, summer continues. Netflix would like to add more in the coming July, then the long-awaited second season of How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast) will begin. It is an entertaining, modern and fun series that many German Netflix fans were waiting to continue. And if you haven’t been to Season 1, you should definitely make it up to before July 21.

Season One Trailer