Como en el pasado: Netflix prueba el canal de televisión con películas y series en un horario

Netflix is ​​testing other subscription models with lower prices

As in the past: Netflix tests the television channel with movies and series on a schedule

Netflix is ​​testing new subscription terms that effectively guarantee a lower monthly price. Several variants are already being tested with customers.

In some countries, Netflix has various strategies to attract more viewers. First of all, it involves more variations in the subscriptions on offer. The limited subscription for mobile devices is now rolling out in other countries. This means that Netflix can only be used on mobile devices on smartphones and tablets, but it costs a few euros less. Alternatively, there are subscriptions with a longer term, also for trial purposes.

Netflix is ​​testing long-term subscriptions

First users report a new offer. You are offered Netflix for a full year, so there is a 50% discount in return. Therefore, the effective monthly price is lower than with a cancellable monthly subscription. Amazon follows a similar principle; Prime is cheaper there too with an annual subscription. DAZN will do it immediately. Netflix is ​​also testing 6-month and 3-month subscriptions, which cost 30% and 20% less, respectively.