Netflix abre "Historia de horror americana": Éste "Casa de la colina"-Se supone que la estrella de repente jugará un papel diferente en la temporada 2

Netflix opens "American horror story": East "Hill house"-The star is supposed to suddenly play a different role in season 2

Netflix opens "American horror story": East "Hill house"-The star is supposed to suddenly play a different role in season 2

Despite a closed history, the famous Netflix horror series “Spuk in Hill House” will soon enter a second season, with a new setting and new characters. However, the actors from the first season could be part of the game again …


After the huge success of the Netflix production “Spuk in Hill House,” which was also one of the best series of the year for us in 2018, the announcement of a second season was not a surprise. Since the plot about the Crain family in the first season, which was loosely based on the novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, it was quickly reworked into an anthology format. Similar to “American Horror Story,” the second season should feature an entirely new story and new characters. And when it comes to casting, you can take the success of the horror series as an example …

The return of Carla Gugino?

In “American Horror Story,” the familiar actors return from season to season, but (for the most part) in different roles. And maybe that awaits us in the new “spooky” season. At least Carla Gugino (“Watchmen,” “Sin City”), who played a lead role as Olivia Crain in the first season, revealed when asked about it. The envelopewho talks a lot about it with showrunner Mike Flanagan (“Doctor Sleep”, “Oculus”), who as author and director will once again be the main person in charge of the second season:

“I can’t be specific at this point, other than that Mike and I love working together, and we’ll do it when our schedules allow. It would be an honor for me “. Even before “Spuk in Hill House,” Gugino was (or rather was) in front of the camera in Stephen King’s Netflix adaptation of “The Game” for Flanagan. If she really were involved in a new role in the next season of “Spuk,” it would be quite conceivable that we would also have other actors from the first season (like “Game Of Thrones” star Michiel Huisman or “ET” friend Henry Thomas) could see again. However, so far there is no information about it.

Steve Dietl / Netflix

Carla Gugino as Olivia Crain in “Spuk in Hill House”

“Haunted Bly Mansion”

The quasi-sequel to “Spuk In Hill House” will have the original title “The Haunting Of Bly Manor” (in German and then probably “Spuk in Bly Manor”) and again loosely based on a book. This time, Henry James’s novel “The Turn Of The Screw,” published in 1898, serves as a template, in which a governess is supposed to care for two orphans and soon suspects that Bly’s estate is haunted. But are there really ghosts here or is it just imagining it?

Like “Spuk in Hill House”, “The Turn of the Screw” has already been filmed several times; the most famous version is undoubtedly the 1961 horror classic “Schloß des Schreckens”. Flanagan will probably go back to taking some liberties with his adaptation. Until we see the result on Netflix, we will probably have to wait until 2020.

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