Como en el pasado: Netflix prueba el canal de televisión con películas y series en un horario

Netflix shows its documentaries for free on YouTube

As in the past: Netflix tests the television channel with movies and series on a schedule

Netflix responded to a request from American teachers and made some documentaries of its own production available for free on YouTube.

In the United States there seems to have been a greater demand for whether Netflix wanted to offer its own documentaries for free. Of course, in the context of the current crisis situation. Netflix has reacted now, uploading some self-produced documentaries to YouTube. Netflix already allows documentaries to be shown in school classes, but schools are currently closed. That is the background of the story.

“Each title comes with teaching materials that can be used by both teachers and students. Netflix will also conduct interviews with some of the creators of these projects so that students can get first-hand information.

We would like to make a modest contribution to the support of teachers around the world. “

Netflix initially only offers its documentaries in English, but at least subtitles in other languages ​​will follow in the coming days. One of the highlights is definitely “Our Planet”, there are currently a total of 34 videos available.