Netflix pronto sin películas de Disney, ¡pero probablemente solo por tiempo limitado!

Netflix soon with no Disney movies, but probably for a limited time only!

Netflix soon with no Disney movies, but probably for a limited time only!

After “Star Wars,” popular children’s movies from the Netflix MCU and mouse company will soon disappear and land on the Disney + in-house streaming platform. It is possible to return to Netflix, but at the earliest in a few years.

Disney / Netflix

Not surprisingly, and somehow already confirmed in 2017 – with the start of Disney +, this will be achieved Mouse House slowly returning the exclusive rights to its content to make it available on its own streaming platform from late 2019 – Therefore, Disney movies that are still available on Netflix will gradually disappear here. Netflix customers don’t necessarily have to change the streaming provider (it is not yet known when Disney + will finally launch in Germany), they just need to be patient. After a hiatus of several years, Netflix will return to offer Disney content starting in 2026; this has already been confirmed. (via Bloomberg).

MCU and “Star Wars” movies also affected

Of course, this regulation affects not only Disney and Pixar family adventures, but also the MCU and “Star Wars” movies, but not all. As the report reveals, only Disney productions that launched on Netflix between January 2016 and December 2018 will return there in 2026. Those movies will also disappear again from Disney + and will again be exclusive to Netflix.

By the way, with the start of Disney + not all Disney movies will automatically disappear from Netflix in one go, it’s more of a fluid process. Therefore, you will see less and less Disney food on Netflix in the future. So if you have movies like “Beauty and the Beast” or “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” on your watchlist, you should watch them sooner rather than later, before they suddenly disappear and head to Disney +. The six “Star Wars” movies that hit Netflix in October 2017 ended their brief guest appearance in spring 2018.

Streaming: Disney Movies of 2019

The good news: You will be able to stream Disney movies for years to come, but even more so on Disney +. At least as soon as the platform is launched in Germany. That the studio’s popular titles, including the Marvel movies, which recently climaxed with “Avengers 4: Endgame,” as well as everything Star Wars-related, which will enter the next round with “Star Wars 9” in December. 2019., the main argument in favor of Disney + was predictable. In addition, that publication policy corresponds to a long tradition at Disney.

Already on VHS and later on DVD and Blu-ray, the studio’s films always ended in the so-called Disney vault. Even classics like “Ariel the Mermaid” or “The Lion King” did not continue to produce on demand after their first release, but at some point they pulled the handbrake. It was not uncommon for commercially available editions to show an incredible increase in value after years. Those who wanted a movie had to dig into their pockets or just wait – new releases usually only come after a few years. The streaming licensing procedure is reminiscent of that old Disney tradition.

This is how Disney + will look and this is what it will cost