Netflix suspende "Orange Is the New Black"

Netflix suspends “Orange Is the New Black”

Netflix suspends "Orange Is the New Black"

Oh no!

It’s shocking news for all “Orange Is the New Black” fans: Netflix is ​​discontinuing the popular series after seven seasons. It should end in 2019!

Since 2013, Netflix has been telling the story of Piper Chapman at OITNB, who comes to the women’s gym in Litchfield and experiences a lot of shocking, sad, but also a lot of fun things there. The sixth season premiered in July 2018, now it is clear: it is the penultimate. With the next, seventh season, the last chapter will open.

The actresses announced this in person with a recent tweet. In the short video, they thank their fans who have stayed true to the longest running Netflix series to date:


If you haven’t seen the finale of the sixth season, don’t read on!

That the seventh season is the end of the hit series is very sad, but somehow it is also logical. Because in the season finale of the current season, Piper gets out of prison. So the final season could still show how he finds his way into his real life, which would end the story arc in a meaningful way. Especially since the plot is also based on the true story of Piper Kerman and her book “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in the Women’s Gym” *, in which she wrote down her experiences in prison and served as the basis for the Netflix show. His story is now almost entirely told in this one as well.

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Are you going to miss OITNB because you’ve loved watching the show over the years? Or never really got hold of you? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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