Netflix sin sexo y violencia: ¡eso está detrás de yesflix!

Netflix without sex and violence: that’s behind yesflix!

The streaming market is getting more and more confusing, it seems like everyone wants to compete with the established leaders Netflix and Co. And now Bibel TV dares to try …


Disney is launching its own streaming service, as is Warner. In this country, among other things, the ProSiebenSat.1 Group (that is, with Joyn) wants to deal with Netflix, Amazon and company There are also exotic species such as the boomerangTV platform, which only has content in foreign languages. And the news about other new streaming services never ends: The German television station Bible TV has launched its own platform (via DWDL).

yesflix is ​​the name of the streaming service that is already available on the website. A smart TV app will follow. Beate Busch, deputy managing director of the Christian broadcaster, explains the idea behind this: “We see trust in the media increasingly lost and people looking for positive and trustworthy guidance in a flood of media offerings. We want to offer this with yesflix ”. Because of this, they are yesflix content too “Firming and positive” and free from representations of sex and violence. The service costs 7.99 euros from the broadcaster, which is otherwise funded primarily by donations, on a monthly basis, that is, as much as the cheapest subscription model on Netflix:

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Movies and series on yesflix

The range offered with the new streaming service is not too great yet, with “The Coal Valley Saga” and the dramatic “Cedar Cove” there are only two series. The range of films is not huge either, but with around 50 titles at least significantly bigger: among other things, yesflix has dramas like “Running Wild” with Sharon Stone or “Open Road” with Andy García, documentaries like “Machine Gun Preacher “And of course some explicitly Christian films such as” A shepherd to fall in love “,” Pastor White “or” In the light of the truth “by and with the actor of Hercules Kevin Sorbo, who has acted in several films of this type in the recent years (including the extremely successful US “God is not dead”).