Network expansion at O2 is “dramatic”

Ein sehr ländlicher Mobilfunk-Sendemast auf der Insel Poel

The network operators Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica have basically supplied the households with their own account. To the great regret of the two State Secretaries, Heike Raab from Rhineland-Palatinate and Jürgen Barke from Saarland, these requirements are not met everywhere. There are still considerable gaps in the expansion of the O2, Telekom and Vodafone network.

Of course, the two politicians highlight their federal states in particular. Consequently, Vodafone supplied 97.9 per cent in the Saarland and 97 per cent in Rhineland-Palatinate. But there is a delay on the highways and the railways. At Deutsche Telekom, in addition to Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg is also behind the required 97 percent of all households. The Telekom here refers to the regions close to the border. According to its own information, Telekom currently stands at 95.43% in Saarland, 96.01% in Baden-Württemberg and 96.48% in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Supply requirements Telefónica Telekom Vodafone

Baden-Württemberg 97% 82.7% 96.01% (97.8%) * 97.7%
Bavaria 97% 80.7% 97.58% 98.3%
Sedan 97% 100% 99.96% 100%
Brandenburg 97% 62.6% 97.5% 99%
Bremen 97% 99.9% 99.99% 100%
Hamburg 97% 100% 99.99% 100%
Hesse 97% 76.7% 98.39% 97.4%
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 97% 72.9% 97.52% 99.3%
Lower saxony 97% 85.9% 98.6% 99%
North Rhine-Westphalia 97% 94.3% 99.82% 99.4%
Rhineland-Palatinate 97% 65.4% 96.48% (97.7%) * 97% *
Saar 97% 78.9% 95.43% (99.1%) * 97.9%
Saxony 97% 80.9% 98.12% 99%
Saxony-Anhalt 97% 80.6% 98.49% 98.7%
Schleswig-Holstein 97% 90.6% 98.53% 99.9%
Thuringia 97% 73.2% 97% 98.1%
On a national scale 98% 84.3% 98.1% (98.5%) * 98.6%
Federal highways (BAB) 100% 77.9% 97.6% 96% **
lane 100% 80.3% 96.4% 95% ***
* Figures in parentheses: taking into account expansion obstacles in various locations to be implemented at short notice. * For Rhineland Palatinate: taking into account expansion obstacles in 20 locations

** For BAB: taking into account expansion obstacles in 60 locations

*** By rail: taking into account expansion obstacles at 105 locations

Requires double expansion speed

“This backlog must be made up as soon as possible,” Heike Raab emphasized on the advisory board of the Federal Network Agency. “I demand a clear focus and double speed of expansion in underserved countries and on transportation routes. We also need tough sanctions if they are not met ”.

The opinion of the two politicians: if Telekom in North Rhine-Westphalia can supply 99.82 percent of households, then it must also be possible in south-western Germany. On the part of the federal states, great efforts have been made to avoid obstacles to expansion and remove obstacles to approval. Rhineland-Palatinate established a clearinghouse at the beginning of the year.

Expansion of the O2 network: “spectacular” supply level

The advisory board becomes even clearer when it comes to the O2 network. The advisory council members describe the level of offer as “spectacular.” Only in the city of Berlin and the city of Bremen are the delivery conditions fulfilled. Therefore, “practically everywhere at the speed of sound” must expand. To catch up, the other locations must now continue to coordinate closely and in accordance with the specifications of the federal states.