Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

New body trend: the Alba Line

Nice, fit, unshaven

Forget about six packs, now comes the abdominal cracks! An Elle author in the US first noticed this trend because almost all bikini models don’t have six packs, but just this coveted line on the stomach.

The expression of the “Linea Alba” is totally different, with some it is barely visible, as with Bibi (picture above) highly visible in others, like Murcielago Emily Ratajkowski (“Blurred Lines” video; image below). The acting model told about her fitness and eating habits: “You know, I am a carnivore. I need iron all the time, so I’m not the type to eat a lot of salad. I eat very well balanced foods to give my body energy and to be healthy too. I cook a lot, of course that helps. Then you will know exactly how much salt and sugar you are adding to your body. ” Every now and then, depending on the beauty with Polish roots, there is also a cupcake or a croissant. What about fitness?“I really like to go hike. Los Angeles is great for that. And a couple times a week yoga it’s a big part of my fitness plan. “