Nueva tendencia de color: ¡Nos encanta Kaleidoscope Hair!

New Color Trend: We love Kaleidoscope Hair!

New Color Trend: We love Kaleidoscope Hair!

Very pretty!

For a long time now, brave hair experimenters like to have colored things on their heads. Trends like rainbow hair, butterbeer hair, or spring 2018 color pink lemonade bring a breath of fresh air and drive away gloomy winter days. However, if you haven’t found what you are looking for among the trends mentioned, you should take a look at Kaleidoscope Hair.

Do you still remember the colorful binocular tubes in which, as a child, you could discover the most wonderful patterns due to mirrors and small colored plastic splinters, which were reassembled over and over again as they turned? It is this effect that gives its name to the new hair trend “Kaleidoscope Hair”.

Like a kaleidoscope, the finely coordinated color gradients of pastel pink, pink, lavender, blue, green and yellow result in new patterns in smoothly moving hair. Anyone who later tries a braided hairstyle will get completely new color effects.

Like peaceful rainbows

With Kaleidoscope Hair, colors are carefully drawn into the hair like watercolors. Stylist Lindsay Wolf, who created the charming look, was thinking of a unique natural spectacle, according to Allure. “This style was inspired by nature, specifically the rainbows in the Pacific Northwest,” he says. “I knew I wanted to add a softer touch to the daring rainbow hair that has been seen so often lately.”

“I wanted the transitions to look seamless, as if they were blending into each other and you couldn’t see where each individual color began and ended.”

Lindsay Wolf, Stylist

He did well, didn’t he?

However, there is bad news if you want the kaleidoscope trend to be conjured up in your head right away – the soft play of colors shows best on light blonde hair. If you are not blessed with this, all you can do is bleach beforehand. In general, it is advisable to have an expert perform such an elaborate coloring experiment.

You can see how Lindsay Wolf’s look is created in this video:

Do you have brown hair and are currently very disappointed that you are always being left out in such color experiments? Voilá: pink brown hair is THE trend for you!

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What hair color do I have?

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