Microsoft está mejorando el ecosistema de Android, ahora con PWA para Play Store

New coming soon on mobile Chrome: move tabs to second screen

Microsoft is improving the Android ecosystem, now with PWA for Play Store

For the mobile Chrome browser, Google has been working on multi-display device support, now the new option appeared.

Now a very interesting discovery has been made in the Chrome mobile browser. Google seems to be adapting to the small trend of more manufacturers using devices with multiple displays. There’s Microsoft’s Surface Duo, as well as LG’s latest flagship smartphones. It’s just stupid that the mobile Chrome browser doesn’t currently support multiple windows, as is the case with the desktop version. A change seems to be in the offing, as a new option has now emerged.

LG V60 arrives in Germany: second screen only for an additional charge

Chrome adapts to new types of devices

An experimental feature targeting devices with multiple displays was discovered. It’s called “Multi-screen” and it allows the user to move the open tabs to a second screen. This new feature could be a new standard later this year and can be activated on the relevant devices at the factory. Only then do multi-display devices like the Surface Duo really make sense.

  • Multi-screen: when enabled, tabs can be moved to the secondary screen.