Google Photos proporciona información más detallada sobre cómo eliminar fotos de la papelera.

New controls for sharing albums in Google Photos

Google has again announced some small innovations for its photos app, which should make album sharing more controllable.

Google has basically rolled out two new features for its photos app, which are supposed to make sharing photos more convenient but also a bit more secure. Starting this week, it is available to share albums that the corresponding menu is designed differently. Google now prefers to share friends with Google accounts. However, you can still create a link which can then be distributed in messaging apps or otherwise.

Link sharing is also easier to disable again if you want to deny other users access again. Google also says: “You have the option to turn link sharing on or off at any time, and you can decide whether other employees can add photos to an album. You can also remove someone from the album, which will remove the photos and videos they added.