Nuevos clientes: 10 veces el volumen de datos con Edeka Smart gratis

New customers: 10 times the data volume with free Edeka Smart

New customers: 10 times the data volume with free Edeka Smart

Edeka has a new campaign for new customers at the beginning, for the prepaid rates there is currently an Easter voucher in the form of a unique data package.

New Edeka Smart customers can expect a small bonus during Easter, because the data volume of your rate is multiplied by ten for you as a thank you. It is a one-time package that is available for a single billing cycle (28 days). You can dust up to 50GB. In the Kombi XL package. There are 30 GB unique for the Kombi-L package and 20 GB for the Kombi-M package. Edeka Smart broadcasts on the Telekom network with LTE access, but its price is more attractive than prepaid offers directly from Telekom.

Up to 50GB of free data

Is that how it works:

  1. Buy EDEKA smart combi starter kit
  2. Activate the SIM card during the promotional period via
  3. At you will receive the corresponding pass with the volume of data to reserve free of charge
  4. You will receive 10 times the volume of the fee for free in addition to the included volume (promotional volume is used first, then the included volume of the rate). The duration of the data gift is valid for exactly 28 days