Nuevo controlador dualsense para Playstation 5, finalmente basado en Xbox

New dualsense controller for Playstation 5, finally Xbox based

New dualsense controller for Playstation 5, finally Xbox based

The new Playstation 5 is getting closer and closer, now the new Dualsense controller has been unveiled and its predecessors can be quickly forgotten.

The Playstation’s biggest weakness has been the thin and rickety controller for decades, but with the Playstation 5 this point should finally be addressed. Now Sony has unveiled the Dualsense controller for the Playstation 5. Not only is the look pretty good and reminiscent of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars, it also looks like you’ve made a leap forward in terms of feel. The new controller looks a lot more massive and should therefore be more flattering for adult hands. Although it is difficult to tell from the photos how a controller fits in the hand.

Haptic feedback, better overall feeling

“We introduced haptic feedback that adds a variety of strong sensations that you will feel as you play, such as: B. the slow roughness of driving a car through mud. We also incorporated adaptive triggers into the DualSense L2 and R2 buttons so you can really feel the tension of your actions, like drawing a bow to fire an arrow. “

“For example, with adaptive triggers, we had to think about how the components would fit into the hardware without making it look bulky. The designers were then able to draw the lines of what the exterior of the controller would look and feel like, with the challenge of making the controller feel smaller than it actually appears. We ended up changing the angle of the hand triggers and made some subtle updates to the handle as well.

We have also carefully considered how to maintain a long battery life for the DualSense rechargeable battery and reduce the weight of the controller as much as possible as new features are added. “

The old share button is replaced with the create button so that users can take their game to the world. The team won’t reveal more details until later. The dualsense controller also has built-in microphones for audio conversations.