Nuevo elástico para tu peinado favorito

New elastic for your favorite hairstyle


We always have them in our pockets or on our arms: hair bands are a must for women with long hair. Because in some situations we just have to be able to conjure a braid quickly. It’s no secret that regular hair bands are almost out of date. Nowadays almost all of us walk with the invisibobbles in our hair or on our wrists. Long, overdone headbands with the look of an old telephone cord, which are supposed to be particularly gentle on our hair, now have competition. We tell you what the new “Bungee” hair bow can do.

With the “bungee” you can conjure up many great hairstyles.

Headbands not only have to do the job of supporting nifty hairstyles, they also have to look stylish at the same time. Simple headbands that fit tightly to the hair and can break it are no longer an option for us. That is why hairband manufacturers have to invent a lot to convince us. Besides the Invisibobbles, there is now another hair bow that is not only supposed to be gentle on our hair, but also looks classy.

Also chic as a bracelet

The new “Bungee” hair bow consists of a rubber band and two hooks that can be cleverly interwoven. It looks very chic not only on your hair, but also on your wrist, that’s why you can also use “Bungee” as a bracelet. The hooks can be easily attached to the hair so that you can conjure up many great hairstyles with them. Highlights: The elastic can be pulled as hard as necessary without the hair losing its structure due to constant friction. Unlike other headbands, which are typically one-size-fits-all and therefore cannot be adjusted to any thickness of hair, “Bungee” offers exactly this level of comfort. The only downside: women who are not naturally blessed with thick hair can hardly bungee extremely thin hair as it keeps slipping and doesn’t provide adequate support.

Hairstyles like this are no longer a problem with the “bungee”.

Made in australia

The elastic bands are manufactured by the Australian company “Hair Bungee”, in whose online store you can also order hair accessories. Elastic bands are not so cheap, however, for four you have to count about 12 euros, plus shipping costs. The bungees are available in black, blonde, brown, pink, blue, green, and orange. By the way, hair bands are now even popular in the fashion world. At Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, models’ hairstyles were styled with elastics and Duchess Kate was delighted with a large ‘stretchy’ ponytail.

Image source: PR, iStock / KatarzynaBialasiewicz