Nuevo contacto visual: los secretos de las pestañas sobre rizadores de pestañas, serum & Co.

New Eye Contact: Lash Secrets About Eyelash Curlers, Serum & Co.

New Eye Contact: Lash Secrets About Eyelash Curlers, Serum & Co.

Eyelash secrets

wantedon 04/25/2014 | 15:28

What we haven’t done already: From false lash effect to maximum volume, countless masks promise infinitely long and perfectly parted lashes. However, very few reveal that proper preparation is required to create a seductive appearance. We have the right tools at hand here and in our photo show and reveal the secrets of using eyelash curlers, growth serum and the like.

What effect does a heated eyelash curler actually achieve, and what is a “corner eyelash curler” anyway? Use our tips and answers to find the best way to achieve the seductive lashes of your dreams.

Make it big

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. Like the hair on the head, our eyelashes also need a very special treatment. Although many masks already advertise ingredients for care, it is not at all wrong to optimally prepare your lashes for the next procedure with tweezers and the like. M2 Beauté eyelash activating serums for around 120 euros or Revitalash for around 83 euros, thicken the lashes and reduce the loss of precious hair. Because what many don’t know, each individual eyelash has an “expiration date” and regularly fails after five to six weeks. So if you have lost some eyelashes, you need not worry, because as long as the hair root is not damaged, the eyelashes will continue to grow.

The classic curved

Eyelash curlers are certainly not for everyone. However, professionals rely on the use of the expert in curves, especially with unruly lashes. After all, a mascara is often not enough to make hair appear long and curved. The closer you place the pliers to the crown, the better the result. However, it is important to pay attention to the angle and not let the lashes stick up by an unnatural 45 degrees. Thick, ruffled eyelashes are often sidelined during this procedure and are difficult to tame with conventional eyelash curlers. Therefore, the use of heat is recommended here. Thermal tweezers, for example from Talika for just under 37 euros, provide a remedy and replace the morning use of the hair dryer, with which the eyelash curlers can also be heated manually. However, this procedure is only for true professionals and should not be tried by novice eyelash curlers to avoid burns. Anyone thinking of the new heated classic should, regardless of the model, regularly change the interchangeable erasers. In this way you avoid a possible breakage of the eyelashes and enjoy the model of pliers you choose for a long time.

Hair well groomed for hair

Another hot item in the “heated eyelash curlers” category are battery-operated eyelash combs in the shape of a narrow pencil, like those offered by the cosmetics brand Blinc for around 20 euros. Unlike an eyelash curler, you do not put any pressure on the lashes or lids and you can use the warm comb several times to “heat brush” your lashes. Basically, it is important to never use an eyelash curler after washing. However, with this little helper, you can refresh your own lashes with a little caution and then comb them back to shape with just a few strokes. But with the right instinct, you can shape even unruly hair.

To the last corner

By the way, it is accurate to the last corner of the eye with a “Corner Lash Curler”, for example from Tweezerman for just under 20 euros. Even if the little metallic helpers look like dull tweezers at first glance, there is still something big behind this type of eyelash curler. Because here one could almost speak of an eyelash tweezer, which with its square edges catches even the last lash. The result is impressive and promises not only the perfect curve in the outer lash line, but also an optical opening and an enlarged eyes. Even hard to reach lashes or women with droopy eyelids can benefit from this beauty tool as it is very easy and accurate to use due to its size. However, regular tire change is essential here as well.

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