WhatsApp renovado: aparecieron 3 innovaciones más y algunas ya están disponibles

New features: 4 explosions for WhatsApp that are being developed

WhatsApp renewed: 3 more innovations appeared and some are already available

WhatsApp is a simple messenger that is still very successful. Some cool features are still on the way, we’ll tell you which ones.

WhatsApp is often criticized because Messenger is too simple and lacks many features. With competitors like Telegram in particular, much more is possible in some cases. But many WhatsApp users are lacking almost nothing, only a few additions could finally be implemented to make the messenger more flexible and easy to use. There are definitely 4 real improvements on the way, as it turned out in the months leading up to this article.

Use WhatsApp on multiple smartphones at the same time

Following the Telegram model, WhatsApp should finally be able to be used on multiple smartphones at the same time in the future. In recent months, some clues have emerged, such as the corresponding components in the source code of the Android application that can confirm and announce the innovation. It should be possible to use up to 4 devices with a common WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp has been developed and improved, but a date for the provision of multi-device support is not yet in sight at the time of this writing.

Make messages disappear automatically

It is not much less interesting that we can make the messages disappear in the future. With this feature, WhatsApp is primarily aimed at groups that the messenger can clean automatically if desired. According to previous knowledge, an option is provided with which messages will automatically disappear from the chat after seven days.

This can be very useful for messages that expire in groups where messages are rarely of permanent importance. There is no release date for this innovation.

Pay by WhatsApp

WhatsApp Pay, a payment feature for smartphone messaging, will launch in the first markets. First of all, it is designed so that you can send and receive money to your friends. Especially in summer it happens more often that we meet at the grill, for which only one person goes shopping and collects the money from the rest. It would be easier to use directly through the messenger that we all use.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp Pay can still take a long time to reach our economic area. But that’s not the fault of WhatsApp or Facebook, these financial features usually take forever to be available in Germany.

Messages to Facebook and Instagram

In 2019, Facebook introduced an exciting innovation for all the messaging features the company offers in its products. You want to merge the base to be able to write from WhatsApp to Instagram, from Facebook to WhatsApp… and so on. Development was found to be already in progress, but this feature is likely to be the longest.

Not only do you have to get the basic technical foundation in a common denominator, you also have to guarantee WhatsApp end-to-end encryption and that could be the biggest challenge.

What would still be good and what will definitely come

Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iOS, this has a great disadvantage when WhatsApp users switch to or from Apple. In any case, we would be happy to have consistent cloud backup of chats, which is available across the board. So far, moving between iOS and Android has been an absolute cramp and officially not even possible.

However, the advertising perspective is much clearer, because Facebook wants to make money from WhatsApp again at some point. After all, the company cost around $ 20 billion and since then more money has been invested in structures, employees and development. Advertising for the state area had been advertised for a long time, but was not initially implemented as planned. But still see, that’s for sure.

Personally, I would like to see more features in the status area that Facebook already offers for stories on Instagram. Also, a poll feature could be very useful in chats, at least that’s on my wish list. Unfortunately, so far there are no references to any of these.

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